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International Travel

"I used my Pramex net while on a 7-day trip to an area in Southern Ethiopia. It was easy to use, easy to hang and I slept well knowing that it was adding extra protection against mosquitoes. I left four of the nets with an orphanage, called House of Hope at Camp Langano,. Thank you for your help!”
    Curtis J.

"I used the net for 50 nights while I traveled around Mozambique from July through September. The net was easy to fold up and place in my suitcase. I like that it is rectangular instead of circular. This allows for more room to move around under the net."
    Christina C.

"After 10 weeks in India using our Pramex Net nearly every night, I have only praise for the product. The pre-impregnated permethirn insecticide [net] worked like magic. I set up the net in all sorts of mosquito infested rooms when first arriving.. upon returning, we would find dead mosquitoes. It was spectacular every time! I was concerned about the permethirn & touching it, but it never caused any problems. After 10 weeks...the net remained extremely strong and showed no signs of stress.!”
Tim S..


"I am an avid hiker and camper and I have recommended your Pramex nets to all of my friends. They are so light weight and fit so easily into my backpack. Plus, I really like the fact that they are so much cooler to sleep under than other nets."
    Paul K.

Hurricane Disaster Relief

"My wife and I recently returned from participating in a charity-sponsored program to help hurricane disaster victims in the Southern US. We camped outdoors at a temporary site set up for volunteer workers. We were so glad we had a Pramex net with us. We slept very comfortably under the net, unlike many of the other workers who had sleepless nights due to annoying insects. We donated our net to the relief effort and we just purchased some more to send down to some of the other volunteers."
    Jay W.


"Thank you! Pramex is the best mosquito net that my family has ever owned. I can’t believe how much stronger they are then the old-fashioned nets that we used to have to buy every season because they would rip on us. And we like the fact that they are pre-treated with insecticide to repel insects".
    Donna G.

CDC and Long Lasting Insecticide Nets

I used my Pramex LLIN during a trip to the Dominican Republic because the Centers for Disease Control recommend using a treated mosquito net if you travel to countries where mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry are a concern. The net was comfortable. It allowed the breeze in and there was plenty of space inside. It wasn’t cramped at all.
    Anne S.

Family Camping Trips

The nets were a great addition to our family’s annual camping trip. It had rained a few days before we got to our favourite site, so it was very muddy and there were lots of bugs at night. But the net kept the bugs away from us and we slept great during the whole week. My kids really liked their blue net because it was so easy to locate and they thought it was “cool that it is so different from a regular white one”. I thought it was “cool” for a different reason; I have never sleep under a net that allowed so much air to flow through the netting. When we got back, I was really pleased that the nets looked like new after I washed them.
    Susan F.

Great Gift Idea

A hunting buddy of mine recommended your nets to me. Not only do I love mine, but I plan to give them as gifts to some of my friends and family members who enjoy outdoor activities. My birthday and holiday shopping just became a whole lot easier!
    Tony P.

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