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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)
How to use a Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Net (LLIN)

Buying Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)

Where can I buy Pramex LLINs?

Pramex Nets are available for sale exclusively through All orders receive the same high quality of services in order processing, packing and shipping that all orders receive. All orders are shipped directly from

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How can using a Pramex LLIN save me money?

You may be used to treating a traditional mosquito net with insecticides or repellents. Pramex LLINs are pre-treated. They should not be re-treated. The net is made tough, with durable fibers whose denier (strength) is twice that of other net fibers and resists the tearing that is commonly a problem with traditional nets. The unique features of a Pramex mosquito net will allow it to last longer, even in the most challenging outdoor environments.

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General Questions

What makes Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets(LLINs) different?

Pramex LLINs not only provide a physical barrier to insects but actually repel them. Mosquito nets that have been pre-treated with an insecticide require that they be registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA registration number for Pramex Nets is 73049-433.

The key advantages of Pramex Nets include:

  • Always Ready to Use
  • Controlled Release Insecticide Technology
  • Provides Protection from Biting Mosquitoes
  • Repels Mosquitoes
  • Increased Ventilation
  • Extra Durable
  • Resistant to Tearing
  • Washable
  • Ideal for Use in Rugged Environments
  • Perfect for International Travelers
  • Saves Money Over the Cost of Treating Traditional Nets
Do I need to treat Pramex LLINs with insecticide?

No. Pramex Nets are ready to use and should not be re-treated. Pramex Nets are long lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) which contain 2% permethrin and employ unique controlled release technology to ensure that the net works with maximum efficiency throughout its lifetime. The insecticide is incorporated into the net’s polyethylene fiber during the manufacturing process. The insecticide is then slowly released over time. Pramex LLIN recharges the surface of the net with insecticide when needed.

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What is the difference between a Pramex Net and a traditional net that I treat with insecticide myself?

When a traditional net is treated with insecticide, all of the insecticide is “glued” to the outside of the fibers. Over time, common use and washing usually causes a reduction in the insecticidal properties of a net treated this way. Pramex Nets are different; the insecticide is actually incorporated into the net fibers, not “glued” on the surface.

Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets are different because the major portion of the active ingredient is NOT on the surface, but incorporated inside of the net fibers. The insecticide is control released over time to deliver a constant surface concentration. The fibers have just the right amount of insecticide on their surface, never more than is needed.

Why does the Pramex netting look different than other mosquito netting?

Pramex LLINs utilize a unique Raschel weave which is designed to allow maximum ventilation. Because airflow is increased, Pramex Nets can be cooler than traditional nets.

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Will the mesh size allow mosquitoes to enter?

One of the most unique features of a Pramex LLIN is that it actually repels mosquitoes. But, if a persistent insect decides to land on the net, it will pick up a dose of the insecticide. The diagram to the left shows the size of Anopheles mosquitoes versus the size of the holes in the Pramex Net mesh. The mosquito is actually larger than the <4mm x 4mm hole size.

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What insecticide is incorporated into Pramex Net fibers?

Pramex Nets are long lasting insecticidal nets which incorporate the insecticide permethrin into the actual fibers of the net. It is released slowly over time. Permethrin is an insecticide that is commonly found in public health, agricultural, lawn & garden and household products. Permethrin has been available in the U.S. for over 30 years. Mosquito nets that are pre-treated with an insecticide require that they are registered with the U.S. EPA. The EPA registration number for Pramex LLINs is 73049-433.

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Size of Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)

How many people can use the net at one time?

Pramex Nets are available in two different sizes – single and 2-person. The single net is perfect for one person either on a cot or in a sleeping bag. It provides ample room to cover the individual and leaves extra space to move around inside of the net without that ‘closed in feeling’ some single person net designs can give you.

The 2-person size was designed to accommodate two individuals and provides the extra benefit of being able to move around inside the net. A feature that other net designs do not offer.

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What net sizes are available?

Single Rectangular Net Size

  • Measurements- 39” wide x 71” long x 59” high
  • Designed to comfortably accommodate one adult
  • Requires string, rope or cording to hang
  • Weight 17 oz.
  • Available in White

2-Person Rectangular Net Size

  • Measurements – 63” wide x 71” long x 59” high
  • Designed to comfortably accommodate two adults
  • Requires string, rope or cording to hang
  • Weight 21 oz.
  • Available in Blue
Is a Pramex Net heavier to carry due to its rugged design?

No. Pramex Nets are surprisingly light weight and easy to transport. The single net weighs only 17 oz, while the 2-person sized net weighs only 21 oz.

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Strength and Durability

Are Pramex Nets durable?

Pramex LLINs are durable and tough. The net was specifically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, especially in areas where tree branches or low lying brush might damage a less durable cotton or polyester net. They are also highly resistant to the tearing that can occur to other types of nets when they are inadvertently stepped on or poked with sharp objects while being hung or packed into gear.

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What makes Pramex Nets so strong?

Pramex Nets are manufactured using special polyethylene monofilament fibers that are twice as strong as the polyester fibers used in traditional nets. The actual measurement of tenacity (strength) used to determine durability for these types of fibers is called denier. The fibers in Pramex Nets are > 150 denier, while traditional nets measure only about 75 denier. Pramex Nets also feature rugged reinforced seams and reinforced finished edges, increasing the net's durability and strength.

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Easy Care Instructions

Can I wash my Pramex Net if it gets dirty?

Absolutely. Pramex Nets can be washed with soap and water to remove dirt. After washing, simply hang the net up to dry in a shaded area. Because it contains insecticide, Pramex LLIN should be washed separately from other items. Once washed, the net regenerates insecticide to the surface of the fiber to replace any lost through washing. Care instructions are located in the Directions for Use section of the label on the outer packaging.

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How do I care for and store my Pramex Net?

Your Pramex Net should not be dry cleaned; dry cleaning removes the active ingredient. It can be washed with soap and water. Pramex Nets should be washed separately from other items. After washing, simply hang the net up to dry in a shaded area. When not in use, store the net in a cool dry place. Full Directions for Use and care instructions are located on the label on the outer packaging.

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How to use a Pramex Net

How do I use a Pramex Net?

Pramex Nets are easy to use. Large loops are conveniently located on the net to facilitate hanging. Just unpack it and hang the net above the area to be protected using string, rope or cording. The netting should be in complete contact with the ground to provide maximum protection. If needed, the edges of the net can be tucked under bedding to ensure a tight fit to keep mosquitoes from entering. Full Directions for Use are located on the label of the outer packaging.

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Recommended Uses

Who should use Pramex LLINs?

Pramex Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets are ideal for use by all outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, hunters, fishermen, hikers, and backpackers and it should be considered an essential item for international travelers. The Centers for Disease Control recommend using treated mosquito netting if you plan to travel to countries where mosquitoes and the serious diseases they carry can be a problem (i.e.: Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue, etc.).

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What about International Travelers?

Pramex LLINs are ideal for use by international travelers concerned that they will be visiting areas of the world where mosquitoes are a problem. Our nets are made with Olyset Technology which has undergone extensive laboratory and field studies to meet our commitment to quality assurance. To learn more about Olyset Technology use by worldwide health organizations click on the link below.

Amended World Health Organization interim specification 331/LN (July 2006)

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