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Unique Olyset™ Technology

Pramex™ Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) are made utilizing unique Olyset™ Technology. This special technology was developed by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. to eliminate the need to re-treat nets with insecticide. Read more about Olyset on the Sumitomo Chemical Company, LTD Olyset Net website…

Sumitomo Chemical scientists pioneered a revolutionary technology to develop a net that effectively prevents mosquito biting, lasts a long time,resists tearing and can be washed. Olyset Technology incorporates the insecticide permethrin into the actual fibers of the net, and releases it slowly over a number of years.

Olyset Technology has undergone extensive laboratory and field studies to meet our commitment to quality assurance. To learn more about Olyset Technology use by worldwide health organizations click on the link below.

How the Net Fibers are Made
Magnified view of Raschel weave

The process begins with insecticide-impregnated polyethylene beads, which are extruded into monofilament fibers that are more durable than the fibers used in traditional nets (>150 denier vs. the average 75 denier). The fibers are knitted, utilizing a specially chosen Raschel weave. Data shows that polyethylene fibers have twice the bursting strength of the multifilament fibers used in traditional nets.

Next, the netting is cut into individually sized panels which are machine-stitched to form the nets. All seams on Pramex LLIN nets are reinforced to provide greater strength and durability than traditional cotton or polyester nets.

Pramex LLIN incorporates the insecticide permethrin into the actual fibers of the net and releases it slowly over time. Permethrin is an insecticide that is commonly found in public health, agricultural, lawn & garden, and household products. Permethrin has been available in the US for over 30 years. Pramex LLIN was registered with the EPA in February 2007. EPA Reg. No. 73049-433.


Because the insecticide is incorporated within the fibers, Pramex LLIN is truly ready-to-use, long-lasting and does not need to be re-treated.

The major portion of the active ingredient is not on the surface of the fiber but incorporated inside the fiber. The insecticide is control released over time to deliver a constant surface concentration. The fibers have just the right amount of insecticide on their surface, never more than is needed.

Pramex LLIN can be washed with soap and water to remove dirt. Simply hang the net up to dry in a shaded area after washing. Because it contains insecticide, Pramex LLIN should be washed separately from other items. Once washed, the net regenerates insecticide to the surface of the fiber to replace any lost through washing.

Additional information on care and storage of the nets is included in the FAQ

Insect Protection Plus Better Ventilation

Pramex LLIN utilizes a unique Raschel weave. It is designed to allow maximum ventilation, and because airflow is increased, the nets are cooler than traditional nets.

Improved air flow is accomplished by maximizing the size of the holes in a Pramex LLIN, while still blocking most insects from entering.

One of the most unique advantages of using Pramex LLIN is that it actually repels mosquitoes. But if a persistent insect decides to land on the net, it will pick up a dose of the insecticide. The diagram shows the size of Anopheles mosquitoes versus the size of the holes in the Pramex LLIN mesh. The mosquito is actually larger than the < 4mm x 4mm hole size.

Material Specifications

Fiber: Polyethylene
Fiber Thickness: More than 150 denier
Mesh Size: Less than 4mm x 4mm
Weave Type: Raschel
Active Ingredient: Permethrin 2% w/w

Photos and illustrations on this page provided by Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd.

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